MK ULTRA PROJECTS : A Primary Quantum Model of Telepathy

A Primary Quantum Model of Telepathy

I finally found this old writing I had read at one time. When I printed it out many years ago parts like the equations were blacked out. So this link belowis a little different than my print out. The key here is that EPR is mentioned with Quantum and Telepathy. EPR is Electron Parametric Resonance ,similar to an MRI and a possible technology involved in mind control. Unlike being done in the lab EPR can also be performed in Earth gravity with a frequency about 140 MHz if Earth gravity was the average .5 Gauss, but Earth Gravity varies slightly. Another factor in this writing talks about setting up the signals as 0’s and 1’s which would be binary and reminds me of John St Clair Alakwi.

The 140 Mhz also falls into the old UHF/VHF analog TV signals that went digital now. They May Have had to free up Frequencies for Telepathy.

There was talk of this as a Quantum effect that sends and receives with there being nonlocality like Quantum entanglement, or perhaps existing outside of time and space.

There seems to be no stopping V2K or synthetic telepathy.

The Zeeman effect is what this science is based on and with it they have greatly increased the accuracy of the atomic clocks, there by effecting GPS and other timedFrequencies that effect our lives.

…………….Here we use the EPR polarization correlation pairs of photons as the carriers of information. We encode the outgoing information by operating the polarizer, and decode the incoming information using the device NSID. The experimental setting isshown in the above figure. Pairs of photons, whose frequencies are ν1 and ν2 , are emitted………….

We now explain how QSC can be achieved by means of the above setting. Let the sender operatethe optical switch 1 C , and have the receiver observe the output of NSID. Suppose the communicationrules are stated as follows. The encoding rule for the sender is that not measuring the photonrepresents sending the code ‘0’, and measuring the photon represents sending the code ‘1’5…………………….

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